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My Favorite Place on Earth October 9, 2016

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I cannot express how much I love the Dingle peninsula. It’s just not possible. At almost every stop along the way I exclaimed, I could stay here forever! Seriously, if I had an insulated and heated tent, that would do!

The last (and only) time I drove the peninsula was December 2014. I didn’t realize then that there were several attractions closed. We stopped at Dunbeg, which was a prehistoric fort. The stone fortress that remains there now was built in the 1200’s, but forts in that spot date back to the BC years. There was an interesting video that we were able to watch as well.

As we moved along, we stopped for the Beehive huts, which were similar ringed fortresses and ones I had seen before. The drive along the coastline is just breathtaking. It’s hard to believe places so beautiful exist! We stopped at Clogher Head, which was a stop I made last time and where I ate lunch. But I was unable to go all the way down to the beach before. It was a stunning beach, so I was glad to see that we were able to go down directly to the water. There were wonderful waterfalls and rock formations. It’s just so peaceful!

We then motored along, stopping to take scenic photos at various places until we arrived at Louis Mulcahy’s pottery shop. I had seen it before and later learned that he’s a pretty well-known dude with some nice pottery. So I made two small purchases there!

After the scenic drive we stopped in Dingle to eat at Murphy’s Pub. That was a happening place! And they collect police patches, so Tracey was able to put a St. Cloud patch up. We shopped around and walked through the streets of town. It was a gorgeous day and I even found the house I want to buy there! 3 bedrooms for only 180,000 euro!

After shopping we had some downtime and we all took naps. It was nice to have been able to sleep in a bit that day and then have a relaxed day of sightseeing followed by a nap! After our rest we drove into town and tried to go have a nice seafood dinner at a place called Out of the Blue, which only opens everyday if there was a good catch that day. Unfortunately, it’s apparently so popular that you need a reservation, which we did not have. Boo. So we walked around more and went to another seafood place that was highly rated in my travel guide. We were again asked if we had a reservation, but they were able to accommodate us. And that was great because the meal was delicious! I literally ordered the last lobster (which was amazing), Jaime got the seafood pasta special of the day, and Tracey got a crab sampler. We also splurged for dessert and I had the Chocolate Temptation. Holy cow. It was a LOT of chocolate. A very rich brownie, chocolate ice cream, and liquid chocolate (think thinner than mousse or pudding). I could not finish it all and one of the servers said she didn’t blame me because she’s tried several times and failed!

It was then time for my favorite thing: pub crawl in Dingle! We started out at Dick Mack’s, which is a really cool pub. It’s set up like a house with the various rooms, but both times I’ve been there it has been packed, hot, and loud. So we sat outside with our half-pints. Then we moved on to Foxy John’s, which has the esteemed reputation of being a Hardware store by day and a pub by night. It was also where Loren and I met some fellows in 2012 and ended up going with them to a wedding reception. Fun memories. This was a nice stop as well. Not as obnoxious as DMs. From there it was to the Dingle Pub, where I had never been. It was a nice environment, good music, and good people watching! The manager at the restaurant where we had dinner had told us that Michael Fassbender and his girlfriend, Alicia Vikander, were in town and drinking at the Courthouse Pub. But we got there after midnight, so we missed them! (We knew Fassbender was in the area because he is from Killarney and received some big award there that day…though the restaurant manager seemed to think it was prematurely given because Fassbender has yet to win an Oscar!)

As we made our way to the Courthouse Pub, we saw a bouncer at a nearby pub and started talking to him. He was Lithuanian and has been in Dingle for 12 years. He was a tiler (like in construction), but has gotten away from that and is working the pubs more often. He tried to give me all sorts of advice and tips about how I could move there and work for cash illegally. Because you know, that sounds like a good idea!

All-in-all, it was a great trip to Dingle! I just love it there so much. It was kind of sad because I won’t be back there for at least 4 years and maybe longer (at least the way my plans are laid out now).


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