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A Little Old, A Little New October 7, 2016

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Showing new people around the country, that’s a good title for this trip and today was no exception. We had a tasty breakfast in Kenmare (one of the things I love about staying in small places out in the countryside…accommodations generally come with breakfast!) before setting off for part of the Ring of Kerry. We saw Moll’s Gap (I missed that the last time), Ladies’ View, Torc Waterfall (I didn’t have time to see this before), and the Muckross Estate (I have been here before as well, but it’s just beautiful). I especially loved our time at the Muckross Estate, as it was a gorgeous day and we walked a couple miles throughout the estate. It was nice to get out and walk around! We were going to tour the house, but then we found out it was an hour-long guided tour and none of us were really up for it.

So we got back in the car and finished our Ring of Kerry trip in Killarney. (We didn’t do the main portion of the Ring of Kerry because we’re going to do Dingle, which I am partial to.) I stopped in Killarney on my way to Dingle from Cobh in December 2014 and it was DEAD. It was about 11:30am on a Sunday and there was nary a person. Most of the stores and all of the restaurants (save Burger King) were closed. So I didn’t have great things to say about it. Until today. We stopped in town to eat at a pub and decided to extend our hour-long parking and walk around. I’m so glad I did because it was the cutest little town! It was packed full of people, there was way more to it than I saw last time, and we had a really enjoyable afternoon. The highlight of Killarney was going into a candy store. Tracey and Jaime went before me (and apparently told the proprietor that I have been to Ireland before, would move here if I could, but I couldn’t work…to which he responded that I could work illegally…then he found out I am an attorney and he suggested I take all of the schooling here in Ireland!) and they were finding all sorts of cute candy. The moment I walked in, Tracey was holding up a Willy Wonka candy bar and the proprietor goes, it’s made by Willy right upstairs, and he slid this fake shelving unit and showed a staircase with Willy Wonka! So funny! He let us try some of the candy and told us all about how the candy is made locally and how his grandfather had had a candy shop 30 years ago. He was a lovely gentleman and it was a pleasure to meet and talk to him!

Then we made our way to Dingle. My favorite! We’re staying at the “nice” hotel in town and I’m glad to be back in a season where things are open. I was bummed to find much of the town closed in December 2014, but things are hopping now! We had an amazing dinner at the Dingle Bay Hotel. One of the best shepherd’s pie I’ve ever had! So delish! I even got dessert…apple and berry crumble. It was an awesome, laid back meal. Now we’re resting before taking on the Dingle peninsula tomorrow. I may or may not blog again because Jaime and Tracey might have to come back without me. There are several places on this peninsula that I would like to never leave!


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