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More Cincinnati June 12, 2016

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So I’m trying to remember what I did on Thursday. It being Sunday morning, as I sit in the Pittsburgh airport, this isn’t as easy as you might think. I have to go all the way back to Cincinnati. I meant to blog each day, but of course it got late and I was tired and yada yada yada.

Ok, Thursday morning I slept in and then started my day at the Underground Railroad Museum. I was sure the place opened at 10 and I arrived around 10:50. They said it wasn’t open until 11. Perhaps that’s when it always opens, but as I waited, I heard the employees talking about how local media wasn’t allowed in, just ESPN. Hmmm. Interesting. So when I was 11 I made started through the museum. I soon saw that the entire Cincinnati Bengals team was there. There were SO many of them! At one point I happened to get in the middle of one of the clumps of players when I saw, up ahead, a cameraman raise his camera and point it toward our group! I immediately veered out of the group!

The museum was very well done. Good amount of reading and viewing exhibits, but not too much information. I don’t know that I necessarily learned anything new, but it was still a great place. I also enjoyed seeing the artifacts from then. So mind-boggling. The museum also had a special exhibit running…the Emancipation Proclamation. The original appeared to be hand-written and the ink was virtually unreadable, save for Abe’s signature. But then there was a typed one as well, that was also signed by Abe and others. That was really cool.

After the museum, it was time for lunch. I had read about Izzy’s sandwiches so I set out in search of Izzy’s downtown. Their famous sandwiches are reubens. Which I’m not a fan of. But they also had a turkey one that was one of their specialties. It was ok. The coleslaw that came on it wasn’t super great. And all sandwiches came with potato pancakes. I had never had that before, so I tried it. Not bad. A weird consistency, but overall not bad!

Then I decided to walk around downtown and just take in the city. I also walked to the riverfront and Smale Park. This place was crawling with children, so after walking for awhile, I took a rest under a bridge in the shade. Then it was time to walk back uphill (I didn’t realize Cincinnati was so hilly) to my car.

I made my way to the Cincinnati Museum Center, which is home to three separate museums. They were also running a Da Vinci traveling exhibit at the time, so I just went through that. Part of the reason I went to this museum was because Graeter’s ice cream was sold at the center. I saw the shop and decided that I would get some after I went through the exhibit. The exhibit was really well done. I spent at least 90 minutes in it. It was so interesting and I learned a lot about him that I had never known before. It was also neat to watch a short video on the Last Supper, as it brought back memories of seeing the real thing!

When I was finished with the exhibit Graeter’s had closed early!!! I was so bummed. So I found a different location and drove there. The ice cream was SO good. I’m glad I sought it out. Then I went back to the hotel to change for the game. I had some anxiety driving to the ballpark when I got to the area where the crash had occurred. I actually ended up just parking right where the crash occurred, so I didn’t have to drive anymore!

I walked around the park, as I wasn’t able to do that the night before. It’s very modern. I’m not sure that I like it. The park itself is nice, but the concourses are way too modern. I had been tipped off to the bullpen situation, so I went to the Cardinals bullpen and sat and waited for Wainwright to come out. I was literally 10 feet from him when he first went into the bullpen. So cool!

I have to admit that although I still hate the Reds, the people of Cincinnati were amazing!  So they redeemed the city for me!

After the game I went back to the hotel to pack and map out my travel plans for the next day. Unfortunately, I came to the realization that I was going to have to get up early. Boo.


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