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I’m in Asia! September 25, 2015

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What a long day. I got up at 6am on Thursday to get ready to head to the airport. I have felt so scattered regarding this trip that inevitably, I forgot a couple of things. But nothing major, so that’s good. When my dad dropped me off at the airport I had a very uneasy feeling. I don’t know why and I couldn’t pinpoint the feeling, except unease. I told Liz on the phone at the airport that maybe our plane was going to crash. She didn’t appreciate that. And it didn’t. Thank goodness!

The layover in Chicago was interesting because the flower on my ballet flat came off, so I bought super glue at O’Hare and as I opened the tube, it squirted all over my hands. No bueno. After gluing the flower, we hit up a nail salon and they gave me acetone to get it off (for $2…honestly, they could’ve just done me a solid, but whatever). Then we went to Chili’s for a salad and a margarita.

When we boarded the plane for Tokyo we immediately realized that the configuration was not the same as when we booked our tickets. We were supposed to have two seats to ourselves (2-5-2 configuration). But this plane was 3-3-3. It was clearly a smaller plane (fewer rows), but that meant we had another person in our row. That hampered the comfort of the flight, more for Loren than me because I had the window.

I watched a couple movies, finished a book, and slept. Though I did not sleep as much as I thought/wanted. I put my headphones on and apparently itunes wanted me to listen to Joshua Radin for the first time in nearly a year (since my last breakup). Honestly, out of like 2000+ songs in my itunes, I heard at least 12 Joshua Radin songs. This did nothing for my spirits. But I didn’t skip them because I decided I was going to have to listen to them eventually.

We got to Narita and through immigration and baggage claim quickly. We had some difficulty locating the place where we picked up the pocket wifi and eventually abandoned that and went to get our rail passes. The gentleman helping us with our rail pass was very helpful, printing off directions to our hotel from the train stops. Very accommodating. Then we asked at information again about the wifi place and got better directions and located it right away.

The train took about an hour to get to Tokyo Station and I slept for a good part of that. It’s like Europe all over again…put me in a motor vehicle and I am out. We decided not to take either of the transfer options at Tokyo Station and got a cab instead. I knew the hotel wasn’t far, but the cab driver had some difficulty determining what hotel we were at. But he got it soon enough. Also, it was dark and raining, so we preferred to get dropped at the door, especially considering our (my?) level of exhaustion.

After resting at the hotel for a minute, we took a walk around the block. Loren wanted to go get a drink or something, but I wanted a shower and my bed. So I said I would go outside with her for a short jaunt and that was all. I got that hot shower and my pj’s and am ready to crash. We got to the hotel 24 hours after I woke up “today.” So I don’t think jet lag is going to prevent me from sleeping tonight (it is currently 9:45pm Friday), but I don’t want to jinx it!

We start actually seeing Tokyo tomorrow, but I am officially on my fourth continent!


One Response to “I’m in Asia!”

  1. Emilie Olson Says:

    Glad you got there safe and sound. Have a great time!

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