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Southern Ireland December 7, 2014

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I had the worst sleep ever last night. The party happening in the hotel bar I told you about yesterday? Got out. of. hand. It was SO loud. Both the music and the horribly rude and disrespectful party-goers. I could barely fall asleep after 11pm, but I managed, only to be woken at 12:20am. People were yelling, laughing, and running around in front of my room. It was so ridiculous. And once they left, the music and other people left in the bar clearly kept going.   I never heard or felt (due to the noise getting quieter) the staff telling them to quiet down or anything on behalf of the hotel guests. I mentioned it as I left this morning, but they’re getting bad a review for it. It was so incredibly over the top.

After I left Cobh this morning, I set out for Dingle, with a stop in Killarney. When Loren and I were here 2 years ago, we stayed at Kenmare instead of Killarney as our jumping off point for the Ring of Kerry. Killarney was smaller than I thought, and while it was all decked out for Christmas, almost everything was still closed. Some shops were open, but most restaurants were closed until dinner. A few appeared to open at noon, I was there at 11:30am, but weren’t what I was looking for. I found something, but quickly moved on.

The drive to Dingle was amazing. Once I hit the Dingle Peninsula, I was reminded why I loved this place. The scenery was just incredible. I saw a beautiful and vibrant rainbow to my right (even though it was sunny where I was) and the color was amazing. Even the purple was super bright. There was no one behind me, so I stopped to take photos! As I kept going, the cliffs, the ocean, and everything was just breathtaking. I took advantage of the pull-offs so I could take photos. It was so incredible. Even just around the bend was another beautiful vista. And then I came to the gorgeous rolling green hills. I almost forgot just how wonderful this area is!

I pulled into town and because my GPS was set just for the town of Dingle and not my hotel, I went the wrong way. But I knew immediately where I was and where I needed to go to get to my hotel. I know Dingle is super small, but it’s amazing how quickly it all comes back. I checked into my room and set out to walk around the town. There’s not much to it, but I went into some shops and saw some really cute clothes and sweaters. But I got my Aran sweater last time, so I had to resist!

I returned to my hotel to read and nap. I didn’t know I was going to nap, but I realized I was exhausted. I slept almost an hour and a half! Then I got ready to go out to dinner. I asked at my hotel if certain pubs would be serving dinner on Sunday night and she gave me one suggestion, but it wasn’t in the area of town I wanted, so I asked about something else. She gave me a suggestion for Main Street, so I made my way there. They stopped serving food at 6pm. Basically the opposite of Cobh! They suggested the place the chick at my hotel first suggested! So I just went. I was going to drop my car off, but then decided to just keep driving.

I had some fish and chips and three pints. And I spent the evening listening to the awesome live music. But the highlight of the night was a little kid, probably 4 years old, who got up and started “Irish dancing” with the music. He was basically running in place with some front kicks and hands on his hips. It was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

But now it’s time to head out. This pub was great, but it’s definitely closing down early on a Sunday evening!


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