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Introducing Dublin… December 4, 2014

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That’s what I got to do today (yesterday).  Introduce Dublin to my friend Heidi.  What a great day! I slept in and lounged for awhile before getting ready and going out to do some shopping. I found a cardigan for 6 euro and a top for 4 euro. Score! Then I “toured” the General Post Office museum. I thought there would be more about the 1916 Easter Rising in it, but it was mostly about the development of the postal system in Ireland. At least it was only 2 euro! But I got to go in this time, which Loren and I were unable to do last time (it was closed). The post office had a large Christmas display, which included a nativity scene. That was nice to see.

Then I went to meet Heidi. We decided on meeting outside of Bewley’s on Grafton Street, which was sort of between our hotels. We met up and then walked to Leo Burdock’s by Christchurch. Leo Burdock’s is the best chipper (fish and chips) in Dublin. Loren and I went to one of the locations last time, but my research keeps pointing to this, the original location, as being the best. Not sure why one location would be better than another, but I wanted to try it. This location does not have seating, so it was true takeaway. Huge piece of fish and lots of chips, all wrapped up in butcher paper (it’s illegal to use newspaper anymore) and placed in a brown bag. It was great!

After chatting for awhile, we then went to move Heidi’s car. It was nice to be in a car here before I have to drive. Although I’ve been in minibuses, it’s just not the same getting the feel for being on the wrong side of the road. So I got a little taste of it to prepare me! We moved her car and walked back to Grafton Street. We walked through the Christmas market, which wasn’t that great. Lots of food, not as much products. And what was there didn’t seem to be all that Irish in nature. So then we strolled Grafton Street and went into a few shops. I was going to take her to St. Stephen’s Green, but apparently it closes at 4pm every day (when it gets dark). Bummer.

So instead, we went to Trinity College, just in the square. We didn’t see the Book of Kells or the Library, just the grounds. After that, I walked her through Temple Bar and at the other side, we decided that it was time for Happy Hour to start! So we walked to the Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Dublin. I meant to go here last time, but got it confused with the Stag’s Head, so we ended up going there instead. Doh! But I didn’t make that mistake twice! It was a great pub, cozy and warm. I’m glad I made it there! Then I wanted food, so we walked back into Temple Bar and decided to eat at the Auld Dubliner, before going to the Temple Bar Pub. I wanted to save that for last, because I knew or at least hoped, Heidi would like it! And she did! We stayed there until after midnight, even though she had an early flight.

We met these two Welsh couples, who were a stitch! We bantered with them (one guy more than the others) for quite some time. They were so much fun! When they left, they gave us their table and we hung out listening to the music and taking in the atmosphere. It was a really great night! I walked Heidi back to her hotel after that before I crashed. Meant to sleep later today than I did, but oh well! 8 days left as of today. Crazy!


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