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Saving the Best for Last! December 1, 2014

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Another sort of laid back day. Are you noticing a theme? Perhaps I am getting lazy at the end of my trip! But in fairness, I got up at 5am. Well, my first alarm was at 4:51am. Gross. I caught the 5:50am bus from Edinburgh city center to the airport and the 8:05am flight to Dublin. I was asleep before we even took off. Unfortunately, the flight was only like 45 mins, so I didn’t get to sleep that much.

I flew into a different terminal this time than when I flew from the US, so immigration wasn’t as difficult. I thought the immigration officer was giving me the third degree, but then he became super friendly. He asked where in the states I was from and then said, “So many people from Minnesota come to Ireland!” I said I never expect people here to know where Minnesota is, or to have heard of it, and he said, “the Vikings, right?” Um, yes! And then he said, “Brock Lesner is from there, too.” Ok, the man knows his Minnesota! (I forgot to mention in Thursday’s blog that our waiter that night knew of Minnesota and then tried to remember why he knew it. Then he goes, “Prince!” I told him that was the best reason to know Minnesota!)

I got my bag right away and the bus to the city center was waiting. I’m pretty sure this “airlink” was not available 2 years ago because Loren and I took the regular city bus into town. This was much slicker. I got off near my hostel (another hostel, but this one is my own room…no more shared room this trip!), the same one Loren and I stayed at 2 years ago (you can’t beat the location and plus, I know where everything is relative to this place!) and checked in. I had time to kill before getting my room key, and I was close to finishing a book, so I went to Starbucks. Just around the corner. That’s going to be dangerous!

I actually had the baristas question my order. Yes, I said 8 pumps of chai. Please don’t show me the cup and how much chai is in it. I can’t tell you if that’s the right amount, no one’s ever shown it to me before. Weirdo. And it tasted delicious, so yes, that’s the right amount! I finished my book and then made my way to Jameson. I wanted to tour the distillery last time around, but we didn’t have time. So it was a priority on this trip. It was interesting. The first part of the process is much like a brewery. We did a whiskey tasting at the end, where they had us try Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jack Daniels, and Jameson. I could definitely tell the difference, but hated all of them. I was all set to pass on my free glass, but then they said they had a whiskey, ginger ale, and lime cocktail. Sounded like a Big Ginger to me, so I tried it. It was good!

After Jameson, it was time for lunch and I was going to go to a pub, but then I saw a place in Temple Bar called Gourmet Burger Kitchen, so I decided to try that. I was going to get a chicken sandwich (I think I’ve had that two or three times in the last week…I’ve missed them!), but then saw a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and decided I would step outside the box. There was no BBQ sauce on it, just a smoky BBQ flavor, sort of. It was fine, but not what I had envisioned.

Then it was time to check into my room where I planned on falling straight into bed for a nap. But I was checking the internet, trying to find a way to watch The Fall online (if only I had watched one episode while I was in Scotland, I could watch the whole season while here and not wait until Janury…grrr!), and other things. Then I ended up texting, at which point, it became too late to take a nap. I waited until my stomach was growling and then began searching for “Best ofs” in Dublin. I decided to try Elephant and Castle for a burger. It was ok. The cider they had there was not.

I planned to come straight back and get an early night, especially considering I have to be getting on a bus at 8:45am tomorrow morning to tour County Wicklow all day, but I couldn’t let a night in Dublin pass without going to a pub. So I went to Oliver St. John Gogarty’s, which was on my way and I have been there before (Loren and I met some cute Americans there last time!). The bartender thought I was crazy or something for asking for a half-pint of Bulmers because he said they don’t have it on draught. Weird, you did 2 years ago. Ok, a bottle is fine. There was live music, duh, and I immediately remembered what it was about Ireland that stole my heart. I almost stayed for more than one, but remembered the tour. And the unpacking and settling in I need to do.

I stopped at Tesco on my way home (pretty sure that store is new in the last 2 years, too) to get water and some stuff for breakfasts. That will save time in the morning! Off to bed I go! So excited to see County Wicklow tomorrow and have sunny weather! No rain in the forecast the rest of the week (it was raining a bit tonight)!!!


2 Responses to “Saving the Best for Last!”

  1. ak Says:

    So glad you are having fun! We are here at the COB conjuring a bday surprise for you!!! 🙂 Fun to read of your travels!

    • A bday surprise?!?! But I won’t be there! That’s exiting though!! I can’t believe I’m almost done. Looking forward to seeing you all. But I just realized…do I have to bring treats my first day back?!?! 🙂

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