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No Turkey for Us November 27, 2014

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Unfortunately, we tried and failed to secure us a turkey dinner. But we both still reflected on what we were thankful for today, which really? Is the point.

Chas and I met up at 11am today (I needed a later start time after not getting to bed until 1:30 last night, which was 3:30 Greece time). We had shopping on the list and Chas made out way better than I did! I can’t find the coat I want (in my size). But I think I found a cardigan I want, I’ll go back and see if I still like it on Sunday. After shopping and walking around checking things out, we had lunch at a pub.

When we came out, it was raining or drizzling, but it was cold and annoying. So we decided to go to Chas’ hotel, the Waldorf Astoria. Go big or go home! I wanted to say that I have been in a Waldorf before, so it was perfect. We sat in their adorably-decorated lounge/bar/café area and used their wifi. But after awhile I decided I wanted to have tea. So we each ordered tea. The kind I wanted wasn’t in, so I had English breakfast tea. It was good. And a shortbread cookie, which was actually quite tasty, even though I don’t usually like them.

Chas had a little more shopping to do and I was tired (didn’t sleep well even though I was exhausted last night). So we split up and I returned to my hostel and watched Love Actually. Even in Scotland my tradition is intact! I had forgotten that I had bought it on Amazon Instant Video before I left, so I own it online. I remembered after I looked to see if it was available on Amazon and it told me I owned it. Then I remembered that I had planned ahead! Good thinking, me!

Chas and I met back at his hotel to go to dinner at a place that his concierge had said would have turkey on the menu. I had looked online and didn’t see it on the menu and googled and didn’t find any other options. Chas had gone in earlier when he was out shopping and didn’t see it on the menu and was assured they had it. Well, apparently it’s just for the Christmas dinners that people can book. I guess over here for the month before Christmas restaurants have Christmas dinner bookings. So despite our server telling the kitchen that we were Americans and it was Thanksgiving, the turkey was all spoken for. Boo!

But it was lobster night. So Chas got lobster and I got a lobster sandwich. I substituted the fries for mashed potatoes, so at least I got those today! My sandwich was not that great. Lots of mayo and not a lot of lobster. Plus some very distinct (and not pleasant) tasting herb. But I had a blush cider. I’ve never had one of those before! It was good. It was from an English brand, Apsall, which I had originally tried in London last year.

I called it an early night because I’m not feeling well and I needed to figure out our sightseeing game plan for tomorrow. Hopefully I will sleep better and longer than last night so I will be raring to go in the morning! It looks to be a nicer weather day tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed! Happy Thanksgiving!



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