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Mykonos November 22, 2014

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Well, when they say not to travel to the Greek Isles in winter, they mean Mykonos.

I left Santorini yesterday morning and traveled for nearly 7 hours. It was less than 150 miles to Athens and about 75 from Athens to Mykonos. I wish this had been a train journey and not two flights. The one benefit of trains. You don’t have all kinds of waiting around beforehand or layovers.

The Greek version of TSA baffles me. First, I never cleared any kind of immigration leaving Rome or entering Greece at any time. Never. Strange. On Tuesday, when I flew into Athens and had to go through security again to fly to Santorini, I took out my tablet (even though you don’t have to in the States), but after my bags went through the Xray, the guy pulled my water bottle out and asked if it was mine. I go, it’s empty, as he was shaking it. It threw it down and told me to have a nice flight. Like they couldn’t tell whether there was liquid in it? Give me a break.

Then yesterday, I went through the same checkpoint and the security working the front of the line called me back through the people Xray machine to take my tablet out of the sleeve. Didn’t have to do that on Tuesday. And they weren’t concerned with my water bottle this time. But after the Xray, the guy asked if he could open the tablet (I had the keyboard attached). Seriously, what the H? How can they have such different procedures and concerns? So weird. We’ll see what happens on Thursday when I fly out of Athens again (flying out of Santorini, and I assume Mykonos, are painless…the airport is practically a ghost town).

Anyway, I got to Mykonos and got a cab for 10 euro. My hotel would have charged 25. Um, no. I researched though, and thought the cab should only be 8 euro. He didn’t have a meter, so I gave him the 10 with no tip. In those cases, I’m fine including the tip! I went into my hotel and gave my name. The lady looked at me like I was bothering her and said, do you have a reservation? No, lady, I’m just giving you my name for my health. I said yes. She then asked for ONE passport. Oh you mean, instead of all 25 that I carry? She showed me to my room and good thing. It’s a very nice complex, but I would never have found my way on my own. Heck, I went out to dinner and couldn’t find my way out right away! I have a lovely balcony. Very large. And the room and bathroom are large. I have a bathtub! Yay! Second one all trip! It’s a perfect room for relaxing!

So crabby lady at the desk gave me a map, circled a few things, but didn’t actually give me any recommendations or anything like that. Not like Mario did in Santorini. So I set out to find dinner. It was not easy. I couldn’t seem to find the “main” road she mentioned, it was dark and there were so many lanes and alleys. I had passed a relatively fancy place on my way into the main part of town, so I went back and went there. I agreed to have bread, which turned out to be small toasts with tomato paste and olives. It was good. And I ordered penne with fresh veggies. Pasta, again. But there were very few things on this menu that I would eat. Oh well. I came back and took a bath and just relaxed the rest of the evening. It was great!

I slept late again and lounged before getting up. I have done so little of that, it’s becoming a little addictive. That’ll stop tomorrow when I get up to fly to Athens and my time in Athens. But that’s ok. I needed a bit of a respite. And I’ve been able to do it here without feeling like I’m missing out anything. Once I did get up, I was hoping to find a breakfast place, as it was, just barely, before noon. But no luck. And I couldn’t seem to find this main road in the daylight either. The town is almost entirely shut down. I knew coming into this that much of these places would be closed. But after Santorini, when there was plenty still open, that Mykonos would be the same. Nope. I found a place to get a DC and just wandered.

It is a super cute little town (if you like stray animals…I found all the cats and dogs that were supposedly in Rome. They’re in Mykonos. Along with their feces all over the ground. I hope they take better care during the summer.). I love all the white buildings with rounded edges, they look like cake and frosting. And the bright color accents. It’s lovely. But sort of depressing right now.  I tried to imagine it when it’s fully open, but I couldn’t. I ended up coming out of the labyrinth by the famous windmills. And after this couple in their 60’s finished their photo shoot, seriously you’d have thought they were tweens, I was able to take some photos there. Then I made my way through Little Venice. Didn’t see what the appeal was. Maybe I need to see it in summer.

I finally came out where there were restaurants open. Great. Food. But no take-aways. I just wanted a gyro for take away. Nothing doing. And these were fancy-ish places, too. I settled on one that said gyros plates. So instead of it all wrapped up in the pita, it’s all spread out on the plate. Fine. I walked a bit more and happened upon a candy/nut/fruit shop. I bought a few pieces of chocolate and two traditional Greek Christmas cookies and then went back to my room to read. I spent the afternoon on my balcony reading and eating goodies (the cookies were really good!), before it got chilly and I moved inside. Where I almost promptly fell asleep.

I got up in time for the sunset, which I watched from the front of my hotel. It was beautiful.   Would’ve been better with fewer clouds, but it was still amazing. I hope the photos turn out! Then I made my way into town. The girl working the candy store told me where I could find a gyro take-away (after she realized I was saying “gyro” and not “euro”…she pronounced it “yiddo”). So I tried to make my way there. Amazingly enough I found it. Or I think I did. I found one anyway. I got my gyro (for 2.50!) and ate it by the water. Then I stopped into a “supermarket” (I use that term loosely) and got cheap water (a liter bottle for .60 cents!) and two wee candy bars. One was milk chocolate and one was pink flowers. Turned out to be almonds. Very tasty! I am reading and relaxing tonight before heading to Athens for some serious sightseeing again this week!



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