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P.S. November 7, 2014

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Duh.  Totally forgot that I toured Palazzo Ducale today, too!  This is the Doge’s Palace. The Doge was the supreme authority of Venice. It is connected to the St. Mark’s Basilica. I was excited to tour this because it also houses a prison that was used in the 1500’s. First you tour the different rooms and chambers and see how the government was run, what kinds of councils and senates existed. And then there were legal rooms. I liked those the best. Duh. Then you went through the armory, which I could take or leave. Sorry, guys (meaning men, not a colloquial term for people!). It was pretty cool to be walking through a building and rooms that were used in the 1500’s. But I think I’m getting desensitized to old things. It’s like a drug. I need older and older to impress me! One of the rooms impressed, though. It was huge! And the ceiling and walls were covered in art. It was amazing. Not to mention an enormous fresco or something covering one (of the shorter) walls behind where the Doge sat. So cool. It is said that it may be the biggest room in Europe. Wow!

Then came the prison. Talk about dungeon. That’s what it felt like. Not to mention the cell doors (and some of the hallway doors) were SO short. Seriously, how short were the people in 1500? It was cool to see some of the original carvings on the walls (some of them had been preserved in different ways). I think inmates these days should stop complaining, that’s for sure. You have cable TV. Just stop.

Finally, probably the sole reason I went there, the Bridge of Sighs. This bridge connects the building and its interrogation rooms to the prison. It’s called the bridge of sighs because legend has it that this was the last view of Venice the convicts would see before their imprisonment. So they sighed as they caught a glimpse of Venice through the window. I got to walk across it. Kind of cool. And a very pretty bridge, as it’s an enclosed bridge. I took a photo of it from a window on the other side, but I have to try to get one tomorrow from the canal side if I have time before I catch my water taxi!


2 Responses to “P.S.”

  1. Elouise Lahren Says:

    Love the postcard from Portugal Torrie! THANKS! Elouise

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