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Zurich November 3, 2014

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Another great day in Switzerland with Catherine! We got a really late start, which was nice. Though I still didn’t sleep as late as I wanted. Oh well. We got ready and set out for the train station so Catherine could get her ticket on the night train tonight and then we explored the Bahnhofstrasse. Otherwise known as the shi shi street in Zurich. Though the street does have three H&Ms, so…(none of which had my shoes. Grrr.)

It took awhile to find some lunch. There weren’t restaurants or food carts interspersed with all the shops, much to my dismay. Eventually we found some food carts and I had a hot dog (well, the lady gave me two hot dogs in one bun due to some miscommunication, but I only ate one!) and Catherine had a crepe. Being in German-speaking Switzerland definitely feels like being back in Germany in some aspects. Definitely the food so far!

Then we went to Grossmunster Church, which was one of the first Protestant reformation churches. Catherine remarked in both this church and the next one we went to how bare they were and lacking in decoration/ornate-ness. In the second one, I realized this area was probably not Catholic, but more along the German Reformation lines. Which explains the lack of décor. And looking back at my guide, Grossmunster was where an early reformation pastor first preached his message of “pray and work” in the 16th century. This church had really cool stained glass and I remembered my guide saying one of the two churches I wanted to see had cool stained glass. We couldn’t take photos, but the glass was awesome. Google the church and check it out. Some of the windows looked like agates, so it reminded me of home and being on the north shore!

Then we walked a bit by the lake and admired the outside of the Opera house before crossing the river again and going to the second church, Fraumunster. Looking at my guide now, it’s actually this church that apparently has “some of the most distinctive and attractive stained glass in the world.” The stained glass was pretty, but it was a lot different than at Grossmunster. Which I guess is why it’s called distinctive. It was very colorful and the colors were of the same color scheme in each window (a blue window, a green window, a yellow window, etc.). It was hard to tell what was going on in each window and it appeared very modern (both of them did, actually). The ceiling in this one was pretty cool. It was covered in different colored and sized stars. It was great!

We wandered and window-shopped a bit more before coming upon a chocolatier. I hadn’t had any Swiss chocolate yet (or much of any chocolate to be honest), so we went in. I got myself a bar of milk chocolate with caramelized pecans and cranberries. It is so tasty, I can’t even tell you. I also got some gifts and told Catherine we needed to leave before I bought more! It all looked so great!

We had seen a funicular earlier in the day and had no idea where it went to. Looking at the map, we sill couldn’t tell. So we just decided to get on it and see. It went up, apparently to where a university was, but we couldn’t tell what else was up there, so we just rode back down! We came back to the hotel to relax for awhile before heading out to see and take photos of things we saw last night in the dark. And we got some dinner before Catherine had to catch her train. She will wake up in Prague and I’m jealous! Prague is very beautiful. Hard to believe I was there during my first week on this trip!

I leave for Zermatt tomorrow. I am both bummed and thrilled at the weather report. It is 100% chance of rain and snow, with up to 5-8 inches of snow. I can’t wait to see snow! And do so in the Swiss Alps! But then, if it’s raining and snowing, I will likely not be able to see the Matterhorn. Boo. And I will likely not be able to go paragliding. I was so incredibly excited to say I paraglided (paraglid?) in the Swiss Alps. Well, we will see. If that is the case and I can’t go, at least the hotel I am staying at has an indoor pool, hot tub, and sauna, and free breakfast and minibar. Can you say total and utter relaxation in the middle of a snowstorm in the Swiss Alps. It could be worse!


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