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Switzerland! November 2, 2014

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Yesterday I left Marseille and met my friend Catherine in Lyon (where she was coming from Belgium) to make our way to Geneva. Surprise! To our mutual friends, we had planned this for a while and kept it a secret! She was taking her own European vacation and we found a place that worked with our schedules to meet up. So we’re hanging out in Switzerland for a few days!

We got to Geneva and found a hotel close to the train station before setting off. We started with Lake Geneva, which was really close. It was beautiful (as was the weather). We just walked around and checked out the city, before settling on an Italian place for dinner. It felt like 9pm when we were finished, but it was only 6pm! We went back to the hotel for a bit before heading out to check out the city across the lake.

It was the shi shi side of Geneva. With Rolex, Prada, Cartier, etc. All the shops were closed, so we just window shopped, admired some things and ridiculed the prices on other things! We walked quite a bit of the city and found ourselves back by the train station. We then went to a bar that we had found earlier that had Magners and we hung out.

This morning we had planned to go to the UN, which was open from 10-12…M-F. We hadn’t realized that part yesterday when we made the plan, but it dawned on me as I woke up this morning that it was Sunday! So we had a bit of a lazy morning waking up and getting ready and going. We got some breakfast and took the tram to the UN. And then we walked back, admiring the architecture and things on the way. We found a place to have some lunch briefly before getting on the train and heading for Zurich. I’m staying in Zurich two nights, but Catherine leaves for Prague on the night train tomorrow night. So tomorrow will be spent exploring Zurich!

Switzerland is very expensive. I mean, I knew this. Especially after looking at the hotel prices. But I spent 4 francs on a Diet Coke today. Yikes. (I didn’t know the price until I had already ordered it.) And we had to check out a few menus before deciding on a place to eat. Today we were going to get something to snack on by the lake (which we walked around again in the daylight) and one place had a Caesar salad for 30 francs (which is basically the same as USD). Um, no. Hopefully Zurich and Zermatt are not the same, but I’m not holding my breath!

We got to Zurich around 6:30 tonight and checked into our hotel. It’s in the old town part of Zurich, so it’s really cute. Lots of cool shops and restaurants, but we didn’t go out to get dinner until around 8, so a lot of things were closed. I had read about a restaurant in my travel guide, a beer hall, in the area so we ended up not finding anything to eat before we found that place. It was a good choice! It had an enormous menu of lots of sausages and things like that. I got the Weinerschnitzel and fries, but apparently “fries” sounds a lot like “rice”, so that’s what I ended up with. Now, I don’t eat rice, but I’m branching out! So I ate a little bit of it! The Weinerschitzel was awesome! Catherine had a sausage, potato salad, and applesauce. And we both had Swiss cider. It was really good! (I guess I forgot to mention that Zurich is part of German-speaking Switzerland…Geneva was French-speaking. All of this changing languages is giving me a headache! I wonder what they will speak in Zermatt!)

We are excited for the day out on the town tomorrow before Catherine catches the night train to Praige. Good thing is that we get to sleep in! Here’s hoping my internal clock cooperates!


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