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Ole!! October 17, 2014

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Our last day in Madrid didn’t start so well. We got ready and all packed up and were going to leave our stuff in a secure room with our hotel. But the guy would not let us see the room or even bring our stuff there ourselves. In fact, he tried taking my backpack off of my back without even telling me what he was doing. Not cool. My bag costs a lot of money and I have had taxi drivers and others manhandle it and nearly break it. One taxi driver tried carrying it by the hip belts and one of them came right off. So I did not like the idea of us not even being able to see where our stuff was going to be and he would not give us a reason. I don’t do well when I don’t have a reason behind a decision with which I disagree or don’t understand. Let’s just say we left, with our stuff, on bad terms. We went out to the train station and left our stuff in a locker. It actually worked out better that way anyway!

We then headed to Plaza de Toros, the bullfighting ring. It was so awesome. Definitely one of the favorite things I’ve done so far. It would have been better had we been able to see an actual bullfight, but the season ended Sunday. Missed it by that much! Bullfighting is such an important part of the culture here, that I am really bummed to have missed it. But we took an audioguide tour of the arena and learned so much! It really is an art form and there is a lot of ceremony involved. We got to down, almost right into the ring. It was very interesting! And as we were walking around the outside of the arena, there was a Spanish family that asked me to take their picture. They asked in Spanish (finally, someone called me senorita!) and I understood and did it. And when we were done, one of them was asking where I was from. In Spanish. And I responded, in Spanish. It was great! While I am nowhere near fluent (not even close), it has been a great experience being able to understand (more understanding than speaking) and communicate in their language. `

Then we decided to go shopping. We picked up some souvenirs and then had lunch. Not a great lunch, it ended up not being what we wanted, but that’s how it goes. So we then sat in Starbucks for quite awhile so that I could call the BF…it is his birthday today. So incredibly bummed to be missing it. I actually got pretty emotional apologizing for not being with him today. We had a great convo though, it was so good to talk to him!

Then we really hit the shopping. We got some great deals at H&M…the one here is way different than ones at home. I just needed more t-shirts, considering it’s going to be about 90 degrees in Seville next week (gross). We went in a few more shops and really admired a lot of the fashion here.

We then had a little more time to kill before coming to the train station, so we found a place for dinner. It was the coolest place. We got fries with cheddar cheese and bacon, onion rings, and then a 5-item sampler platter of mini-sandwiches. Liz got a beer and I got a water. All for 11,70 euro. SO cheap! And it was good!

We had a really good, laid back, relaxing day! Right now we’re just chillin’ in the VIP lounge at the train station waiting for our night train to Lisbon. See you in Portugal!!


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