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Itinerary October 13, 2014

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So I’ve had people inquire about my itinerary and had a suggestion that it should be accessible on my blog!  So here is my itinerary from now through the end of the trip (the good thing I realized in typing this up?  I only have two more “one nighters” and several “three or mores”… this makes me very happy!!):

10/14: Paris during the day, fly to Madrid in the evening

10/15-10/17: Madrid, night train the 17th

10/18-10/19: Lisbon

10/20: Lagos

10/21-10/22: Seville

10/23-10/25: Tariff (day trip to Tangiers, Morocco)

10/26-10/28: Barcelona

10/20-10/31: Marseille/Aix-en-Provence/Avignon

11/1-11/3: Geneva or Bern

11/4-11/5: Zermatt

11/6-11/7: Venice

11/8-11/11: Florence (11/8 will also be a few hours in Milan, getting to Florence late)

11/12-11/14: Rome

11/15-11/18: Sorrento

11/19-11/20: Santorini

11/21-11/22: Mykonos

11/23-11/26: Athens

11/27-11/30: Edinburgh

12/1-12/5: Dublin (a couple day trips here, not the whole time in Dublin)

12/6: Cork/Cobh

12/7-12/8: Dingle

12/9: somewhere in Co. Clare/western Ireland

12/10-12/11: Galway

12/12: HOME!


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