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Rhine River Cruise September 30, 2014

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Today I had planned to make my way north via a Rhine River cruise.  I have struggled with reading the company’s schedule for months.   I sent them an email long before I left the states asking for clarification and never heard back.  I called them yesterday, but the lady kept saying she couldn’t understand me (not sure if she meant language or cell service) and hung up on me.  I wanted to go from Mainz to Koblenz.  Koblenz is where the Rhine and the Mosel Rivers meet and there is an old castle I wanted to see on the Mosel.  So I toyed with doing both in one day, otherwise staying in Koblenz one night and doing the Mosel the next morning.  That’s what I decided to do.

Due to the difficulties in reading their schedule, I thought my only option was to get on the 8:45am boat in Mainz.  Which is close to a 3-hour train ride from Baden Baden.  Which meant I had to get up at 4am, the cab was waiting at 4:30am, and I got on the 5:14 am train.  Made two changes and got a cab in Mainz to take me to the river.  The cruise was free (with my rail pass), but the boat did not go to Koblenz.  They said I could wait four hours and then a boat would come that would go to Koblenz.  So I reread the schedule and realized that I could’ve taken the 2:15pm boat from Mainz that would have taken me all the way to Koblenz.  Without getting up at such an ungodly hour.  GRRRRR.

Anyway, I slept most the train ride(s) and then even slept on the boat.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open!  It was a pretty trip, but I think I was too tired to fully appreciate it.  Once the boat arrived at the last stop, I got the train to Koblenz (about 15 mins).  I went walking in search of the tourist information desk because I wanted to see about the Mosel cruise tomorrow and I do not know if I will have WiFi where I’m staying tonight (and I can’t check in until 6pm).  The signs led me first to a vast pedestrian mall area and then to a large modern enclosed mall.  I found out that the Mosel cruises are only on weekends.  Awesome.   If I had known that I would’ve skipped Koblenz entirely and went straight to Cologne.  Oh well.

So then I decided to kill time by shopping.  Also, I needed a few things.  I kept seeing people taking “selfies” with a long extender arm.  I realized those were probably Go Pro cameras, so I started researching.  I had no idea something called a “monopod” existed.  So when I saw that the mall had the store “Saturn”(their version of Best Buy), I went in and found one.  So hopefully I will actually have photos of myself on this trip!  (And I don’t have to rely on strangers… who take one photo and, chances are, I don’t like it!)  I also had to get some conditioner, as I realized last night that when I split up some of my toiletries for Liz to bring in a couple weeks, I brought two shampoos and left 2 conditioners, instead of one of each.  But I luckily found the same line of shampoo/conditioner, just not my specific one (the L’Oreal Ever ___ line…I use Ever Curl, but I got Ever Pure).  No biggie for 2 weeks, as at least it is sulfate-free and similar!

Now I am sitting at Starbucks so I could get online and waiting to go back to the train station, get my bags, and make my way to the hotel.  Not sure what I will do tomorrow, besides sleep in! I guess I will have a little more time in Cologne than I thought I would!


2 Responses to “Rhine River Cruise”

  1. bjbrekke Says:

    Love your posts! I read several of them for the first time today. Thank you for the history lessons: it helps me understand and visualize things better.

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