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The Top of Germany September 27, 2014

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I’m not gonna lie…I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since I heard of Zugspitze… on the Bachelorette: Des’ Season.  Yep, they traveled to Germany and she had a group date on Zugspitze, which is when I learned that it is the highest peak in Germany.  And only a day trip (a little over an hour by train) from Munich.  I added it to my list.  (For fellow bachette watchers, I did see that they have the igloos that they were in, but they are like a hotel… you rent them for the evening… so I couldn’t see them!)

In preparing for Munich, knowing I had two day trips, both of which would be best in good weather, I kept an eye on the forecast.  On Monday, it appeared that it was going to be foggy at Zugspitze three of the days I was going to be in Munich and snowing the fourth.  I was going to go the snowing day, until I arrived in Munich on Wednesday.  Because I checked the weather and it totally changed.  Today’s forecast was for “abundant sunshine.” Yes, please!  And it did not disappoint!

So I made it to the train station early today in order to mail a package home (trying to lighten the load!) and get breakfast.  The ride there was great (even if I had to argue with some dude about what is first class and what is second class… resulting in me telling him: “then why did you ask me, if you already know?” don’t ask me a question and then proceed to argue with me because you don’t like my answer… even if I’m right!). The train took us to Garmisch-Patrehkidhffdfjd (that’s how I think of many German words… seriously, how are you supposed to pronounce the longest words known to man with so many consonants).  From there, you take a train to the top.  Or so I thought.

First, you pay.  With my rail pass, I knew I got a 10% discount.  Score!  Oh wait… it costs 51 euro?!?!  WHAT?  So 46 for me, but still.  That is crazy.   CRAZY.  I had no idea it cost that much and I’m glad I didn’t know ahead of time because I may have skipped it.  That kind of blows my budget for the day, especially because I thought today would end up being a “cheaper” day.  But I was there, so obviously I wasn’t turning around.  I got on the cog wheel train ready to be taken up the mountain!  Oh wait, it goes a few stops and then we have to transfer trains.  Which takes us one stop and then people can choose to take a cable car up or ride the train.   I decided to ride the train up and the cable car down.

So the train is going up, up, up… through the glacier!  That was cool. I mean, it was just a tunnel, but to know you were inside a glacier was pretty awesome.  Then it spits you out… not at the top.  Seriously, can’t Germans do anything the easy way??  But it was still incredibly beautiful.  I took in the view, took some photos, and spent a little contemplative time (which was good, considering the chaos at the top).  There is free sledding there.  FREE!  If only I had been braver about being an adult and going sledding by myself… and also if there had been more snow.  Kids were having a hard time going down, so it would’ve been almost impossible for an adult.  I love me some sledding, though!

I then took a cable car to the top.  It was unbelievable.  Just absolutely breathtaking.  Unfortunately, there were about a bazillion million people up there.  But it was still amazing and I spent so much time taking pictures, taking video, and admiring.  God’s creation never ceases to amaze me and it frequently brings me to tears.  Not to mention man’s ingenuity to create a way for people to easily make it over 8800 feet in the air (yes, I calculated feet instead of meters… because America!).

Once I decided it was time to leave, I was very excited as I waited in anticipation of the cable car down.  I knew we would be going over or near the most stunning lake I have ever seen and was so excited to take (way too many) pictures of it!  I got a front seat view in the cable car, which was totally fine until we went by these large posts… it was scary…I took video the second time (though the collective gasp was less pronounced).  It was just an incredible feeling  essentially floating down over the mountain to the ground.  I loved it!  (And I was watching paragliders both yesterday and today as I gear up for that in the Swiss Alps in November!)

I got back to Munich and spent a little more time off of Marienplatz at the awesome market that I found the other day.  I learned it has a name: Viktualienmarkt.  It was awesome.  And I had a Schnitzelsemmel.  Yep, I had a Schnitzel sandwich. And by the way, schnitzel is chicken?  Since when?  I thought it was supposed to be some sort of pork?  So when I said yes to ketchup, I really didn’t know what I was saying yes to.  I’m not Emilie, I don’t out ketchup on my chicken sandwiches.  Ok, maybe my Thanksgiving turkey, but that’s where I draw the line!

Tomorrow it’s off to Baden Baden.  I have very much enjoyed spending 4 nights in one place.  It has given me a feeling of permanency (for a minute), as it allowed me to completely unpack my bag and pretend I was sticking around.  Which in turn let me repack my bag tonight in a more travel conducive manner.  I also sent a package home today, so I am looking forward to a (slighter) lesser load.  And not even in the weight as much in the space.  Fingers crossed!


4 Responses to “The Top of Germany”

  1. Renee Says:

    Schnitzel is just thin breaded and fried meat. The traditional stuff is Wiener schnitzel, which is veal, but any kind of meat can be used. There – your German lesson from ‘merica! 🙂

    • You probably won’t see this because you’re in Australia, but just in case… thank you!! I had no idea. I thought it was all pork. I have now had Wiener Schnitzel and then a different kind, no idea what it was. Either pork or veal…I know this one wasn’t chicken!

  2. Emilie Olson Says:

    Yes! Ketchup on chicken sandwiches is wonderful!

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