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The Hills are Alive with the Sound of … Falco? September 23, 2014

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Yes, yes, if you are on FB you know I have never seen The Sound of Music.  So shoot me.   This shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me, I don’t really see movies except the ones I’ve seen 5 thousand, billion, trillion times.  My boyfriend is coming around to this… he will only sometimes now ask me if I’ve seen a certain movie.  I generally say, why do you even ask?  He said, because sometimes I surprise him!  Anyway….I actually tried to see if it was on Netflix this afternoon, but it’s not.  So I will have come and gone in Salzburg and not seen it.

But I haven’t been able to stop singing “Amadeus” the entire time I’ve been here, starting with yesterday afternoon when I toured Mozart’s birthplace (home).  I learned many fascinating things about him and his family.  I loved it.  I’ve always liked him. Whether it was because he died on my birthday or because he was in my values books I got for Christmas when I was 5, I don’t know.  But he’s real popular here, I’ll tell ya!

Yesterday it had rained before I got into town, but then it was cleaning up and the sun was trying to come out. I was excited because this was going to be the first hints of rain so far, so I was hoping it was done!  Well, I came out of Mozart’s home and it was raining.  Pretty good.  And windy. So windy.  I had meant to grab my North Face wind breaker/rain coat when I dropped my stuff at the hotel, just in case, but then I promptly forgot.  So I made haste back to the hotel getting pretty wet in the meantime.  After it dried up a bit, I went out exploring a bit more.  I ended up getting a burger for dinner at a weird burger place near my hotel called “Bio Burger” or something.  It was ok, definitely different!

Today I actually slept until I woke up.  What a novelty.  I had set the alarm, but woke up about 30 minutes before it went off.  I had gotten 10 hours of sleep, so I guess that’s enough!  I don’t know what it is, but I am still pretty tired.  I don’t think it can still be jet lag, but I’m sure all the walking (so much walking) and being outside in the fresh air all day every day has something to do with it!

I got ready and hit up an Austrian bakery in my “neighborhood” (I keep wanting to call everything German because it’s so similar…) and got a cinnamon roll.  It was still overcast, but I knew the rain was past and it was supposed to clear up around noon.  So after eating my roll and drinking some DC, I went into the Dom (Cathedral).  So beautiful… seriously, I need a thesaurus if I keep going into gorgeous churches!  I think maybe palaces are a dime a dozen (for the most part), whereas churches are all so different and yet all so awe-inspiring.  I don’t know.

I was disappointed this morning to see that the Residenplatz was full of a children’s carnival with rides, etc.  So I couldn’t get photos of the square and the fountain in the middle.  I got a couple of the fountain, but was really prevented from good photos of the whole square.  Well, I later found out that it was St. Rupert’s Fair.  St. Rupert was the founder of Salzburg and his feast day in Austria is September 24.  So between September 19-24, this traditional county fair occurs.  (I looked this up after I realized it had something do with someone called “Rupert.”)  It is held in the squares around the Cathedral and is one of the most popular fairs.  Clearly.  The website says, “The fair also offers valuable insight into local customs and craftsmanship.” That it did!  More on that later… but I was less annoyed when I learned this.

So after admiring the Dom, I went in search of a pretzel.  I knew today was going to be a bad food day, but whatever, I’ve earned it!  I wanted just a “regular” pretzel first.  They had pizza, cherry, apple, nut, chocolate nut, poppy, etc.  It was crazy.  I had the regular, but it was pretty cold (I think the high today was like 58) so I only ate half of it. Then I boarded the funicular up to Festung Hohensalzburg.  This is the large, looming, 900 year old fortress that sits above Salzburg.  I spent almost 3 hours there.  It was great!  I was a little annoyed at first because my ticket included an audio guide. Ok, great.  I went into the place and there was a line and so I waited in it.  The line went upstairs to what appeared to be a ticket office.  So I thought people were getting the guides or something.  After awhile, no one was moving.  I realized it was a group tour, led by audio guide.  Dumb.  I did it anyway, and ism glad I did, but I still prefer to be able to move at my own pace and skip stuff or spend longer if I want.

It had the most gorgeous views of the city and surrounding areas, though.  Breathtaking.  Loved being up there and just wandering around.  The place is HUGE!  I also went through the royal apartments (the three rooms that they have) and the museum.  I am getting fed up with tourists who can’t understand the concept of “no photos” allowed.  I see them taking photos anyway and it pisses me off because even if they’re getting away with it, I’m too much of a rule-follower to do it!  (This does not apply to the lady who was taking photos at Auschwitz in the gas chamber and crematorium… her?  I wanted to throw her camera on the ground and stomp on it.  I may have issues.  Thankfully the guide from the tour behind us stopped her.)

It was bright sunshine by the time I was done at Festung, so I made my way back down in search of a bratwurst or something.  In a bun.  They are very hard to find.  On my way, I was sidetracked by a stand selling “Sturm” (not to be confused with Sturm und Drang).  I had heard about Sturm in Vienna and wanted to try some, but didn’t get the chance. So when I saw it, I jumped at the chance! Sturm is otherwise known in some parts as Federweiser and is some sort of fermenting wine, bottled at a particular point in the fermenting process.  It is also carbonated.  It comes in white or rose and I got white.  It was SO GOOD!  It was all I could do to not gulp it down and ask for seconds!  I then went back in search of my glorified hot dog and went to where I had seen a stand yesterday.  No go.  So I went back to the Sturm stand because I had seen that they had them.

Wait, not hot dogs.  Bosna. Bosna is a “spicy Austrian fast food dish,” which may have originated in Salzburg.  It “resembles a hot dog, consisting of a bratwurst (two of them, actually), and I had mustard and ketchup, though they offered onions and curry powder.  Curry!  Gross.  This thing was TASTY.  (now, remember, I didn’t swear off of pork 20+ years ago because I don’t like it… but my principles have been set aside for the benefit of this trip… and I think that was a good decision!) I could have had another, but I left it at one!  I then went back to the hotel to drop things off and have a bit of a rest.

I then set out for Schloss Mirabell Gardens.  I admired the garden and proceeded to read. Unfortunately it was quite cold in the shade and I couldn’t read my tablet when facing the sun.  So I didn’t last as long there as I intended.  I went back to the Dom squares to find a place to sit in the sun and I remembered a covered picnic table area.  So I went there.  It was now full of people, but I found a spot.  I was oblivious to the goings-on around me until I was distracted by a bunch of people in cultural dress carrying instruments walk in.  They put on a concert with dancing and everything.  It was fantastic!  I can’t believe I lucked into that!  It was very entertaining.  After almost an hour, I went to the Irish bar I had found earlier.  I meant to eat there, but they didn’t serve food.  So I had my first (but certainly not last!) Magnet’s of the trip!

Then I needed dinner.  What’s a girl to do?  I went and had another Bosna, duh.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I also had an apple pretzel somewhere in there this afternoon, too!  Apparently the days of eating next to nothing are over!  Or, at least it was today!


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