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What I Needed to Hear When I Needed to Hear it September 19, 2014

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So last night as one Aussie roommate was out using the computer and the other was taking a shower, I had a great conversation with the third.  She is nearing the end of a 6-week holiday and she was talking to me about how much the first week sucked.  She said it was awful, hard, and she was emotional.  She said she cried at the drop of a hat, was only “meh” when asked if she was having fun, and was dreading the rest of her trip.  I was so shocked because I thought it was just me.  I told her that and then proceeded to get emotional myself!  I, too, have been crying at the drop of a hat, feeling like this is a lot harder than I had expected it to be, and feeling like 12 more weeks is interminable.  So it was so good to hear that someone else had experienced the same thing and that it passes!  She said you’re stilt jet lagged, you’re tired of walking around all the time, and it takes some time to get into the groove.  I told her I also had wondered if part of it was starting in these countries where the language barrier is so great and she agreed.  She said she felt the same way in Spain, which is where she started.  I was surprised to hear that because I think Spain would be so much easier than Poland or the Czech Republic.  But she said there than “gracias” she knows no Spanish.  I guess that makes sense, we have quite a few more Spanish speakers in the States than they do in Australia! At this point, she got a little teary-eyed and said she was so glad someone else was voicing her experiences!

In addition to commiserating together, she offered me some advice.  It kind of reinforced what I had already decided earlier in the day, but she said that I need to take days for myself.  She said she spent an entire day in Berlin in bed reading.  I told her I wanted to do stuff like that, but am afraid I will miss out or should be out seeing things.  She told me to forget what I “should” be doing and do what I want to do and what I feel like I need to do!  Like I said, I had basically decided that already, but it was so good to hear reinforced!

Basically, this was a conversation I needed to have right then.  I am so thankful that God knows what we need when we need it!


One Response to “What I Needed to Hear When I Needed to Hear it”

  1. Barb Brekke Says:

    Smart Aussie! Remember this journey is all for you — you get to do whatever you want. Have fun!

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