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FIRST BOOKING!!! March 30, 2014

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So I have been very worried about lodging in Munich, seeing as though I am going to be there for Oktoberfest.  I have been checking different sites once in awhile and have been very discouraged.  I hadn’t been able to find anything decent within 20-30 mins of Munich for a reasonable price.  This is not a luxury trip (well, I mean what I will be doing while there, I understand the trip itself is a luxury that most people are not afforded), so I do not (cannot) plan on spending tons of money on accommodations.

So I decided to try Kayak for hotels last night…have only used that for airfare before.  It was a blessing!  I found a place called Günstig Schlafen 24.  Unfortunately the website is entirely in German and I can’t seem to find a way to translate it.  But I saw the photos and the map.  The photos look good…small, bare, but clean and bright.  The place is a 5 minute walk to a Metro station, which is an 11 minute Metro ride to Munich’s Central Train Station (the station I will be coming and going from).  The place had a single room (with en suite bathroom) available for $133/night.  WOW!

Although that price is more than twice what I plan to average for my nightly accommodations, considering the circumstances, I can’t complain!!  But that doesn’t mean I don’t still panic a little when I realize I spent more than $500 on one city.  I remind myself, though, that I am in Munich for 4 nights, which is also one of the longest stays of the trip.  So overall, I am very pleased with this place and feel very lucky to have found it!

So one thing is certain…I will be in Munich from September 24-28!!!  Yay!!

PS. I also ordered my backpack today.  Went to REI for the Gregory representative event.  Both the REI employees and the Gregory rep who helped me were fantastic.  I decided to go with the Gregory Deva 85.  They did not have it in the store yet, so we ordered it.  It should be here Thursday.  I am very excited to have that out of the way.  Next up in April?  One way ticket to Poland!


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