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Choosing a Tablet February 18, 2014

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Ok, techie friends and readers…I need your help!  I need to decide what tablet to bring along on my trip later this year.  Packing is definitely going to be interesting, so I can’t afford to lug a full-sized laptop.  Hence, I am in the market for a tablet.  I have been slow to join the tablet market because with a work-issued iPhone and a laptop at home, I just don’t see why I need one.  So I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to tablets.

Here’s what I’m looking for: photos and blog.  My number one concern is photos.  The blog should be fine from any tablet, I presume.  So I have to decide whether I can get a tablet that I will be able to upload photos from my camera and store them on the tablet, or whether I will need to store the photos elsewhere.  I feel like I know the answer to this, even though I don’t want to admit it.  We’re talking three months worth of photos.  Granted, I do a pretty good job (and will have to on this trip) of weeding out as I go.  So I won’t need to store every photo I take, as I will delete the bad ones as I go.

That said, it’s still THREE MONTHS worth of photos.  In FIFTEEN COUNTRIES.  So yeah, that’s a lot of photos.  Is there a tablet that has that much memory?  Do all tablets (iPad excluded, I think) have USB ports?  I am assuming that my three storage options are going to be: on the tablet, on USB drive(s), or on SD card(s).  Am I missing anything?

So with that information, what should I be looking for in a tablet and what tablet would you suggest?  I am generally not interested in a Kindle or Nook, but being able to read books on the tablet wouldn’t be a bad thing, as I will be spending lots of time on trains and it would make me sad to go three months without reading a book!  OK…go!


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  1. I personally LOVE my iPad. You could get a storage option such as dropbox to store the images in and also keep the SD cards until you return to the states. SD cards are fairly inexpensive. I use a 32gb to shoot a wedding and I’m holding 3000+ images. You can a top brand card at 32gbs for Under $25 on Amazon.

    I am so envious of you traveling for three months. I really need to find my way of to Europe one of these years. Have a blast!

  2. thanks, jessica!! i hadn’t thought of dropbox or some other “cloud” storage. good point!! i am so afraid of bringing several SD cards and then losing them. they’re so small! but if a 32gb holds over 3000, then maybe i wouldn’t need as many as i thought i might!

    you definitely should get to europe! i love it! i traveled exclusively domestically for so long, but am glad i have started branching out! thanks so much for the info!!

  3. The problem with the iPad is it doesn’t have a good way to pull your pics from the SD card onto the device for uploading.

    I’d recommend any tablet with a USB port. That’s really the biggest thing you’ll need. That will give you the ability to pull from the SD card. The tablets that do have SD card ports are normally micro-SD, which your camera won’t support. I’m partial to the Surface, but I’m admittedly a Microsoft guy. 😉

    As for long term storage, yes use the cloud. Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc.

    • thanks, jersey! my cousin just looked around and, while an apple guy himself, also recommended the surface. they are apparently having a really good bundle deal right now that he recommended. he suggested the surface rather than the surface 2 at this point. would you agree? thanks!!

      • For what you’re going to be doing, yes. There really isn’t a need to spend the extra money. You’d get a bit of additional speed from the Surface 2, but if all you’re looking for is blogging and **basic** photo editing the Surface would be just fine. Just remember when looking at prices that the keyboard you see in the commercials only comes with certain bundles/models.

  4. Mallory Says:

    I have been personally really into tablets lately.

    First of all, I would get a 32gb micro-SDHC card with an adaptor to regular SD size for your camera (this is what I use for my compact DSLR). I’m not sure how old your camera is, but some older cameras can’t use HC cards. I can easily move photos from my camera to the tablet or computer using the micro-SDHC and adapter.

    I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 inch tab for a while. It has a micro-SD port. I used a Bluetooth keyboard for notes in class and it worked really well. It is also very cheap at around $150. Very light-weight and great battery life. You can get an adapter to allow for USB drive use. The Galaxy Tab 3.0 seems good too. It has a feature where you can view two apps at once, which I like. Samsung is moving away from the Tab though, so I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

    Note about online storage – I mostly use Google drive for storage, but there is a limited amount of free storage available if you want to store full-quality photos. Snapfish allows unlimited storage of full-size photos and will let you re-download the full-quality photos. Some photo storage sites will only let you download compressed versions of photos, so beware.

    I now have an ASUS Transformer T100 which is basically a touch-screen netbook with a removable keyboard. I LOVE IT! It has Windows 8 and a USB port and is around $400. You can have a 32gb Micro-SD plugged in to use for storage and plug in a USB drive at the same time. Long battery life and pretty light-weight for being a full computer. However, I like the Android app store – it has a lot of awesome stuff, and Windows just can’t compete. But with it being a full computer, you don’t need to rely on apps.

    Other tablets I like…
    For Google apps – Nexus 7
    For stylus – Samsung Galaxy Note (the stylus is seriously amazing. You can write on it like a piece of paper)

    I personally think that the iPad is overpriced for what it is. I would only recommend it if you usually use Apple products and applications.

    PS. I am trying to figure out any way possible I can come visit you while you are in Europe. Such an awesome trip!

    • thanks, mal!! that is super good info! i appreciate you taking the time to lay it all out there. i am going to head to best buy this afternoon to take a look at them in person. so i will check those out! i’ll let you know if i have any questions!

      and PLEASE find a way to come visit me!! i keep harping on jo, but i fear that might be a lost cause. i would love to have you join me!!

  5. Mallory Says:

    Let us know what you end up getting!

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