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Choosing a Tablet February 18, 2014

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Ok, techie friends and readers…I need your help!  I need to decide what tablet to bring along on my trip later this year.  Packing is definitely going to be interesting, so I can’t afford to lug a full-sized laptop.  Hence, I am in the market for a tablet.  I have been slow to join the tablet market because with a work-issued iPhone and a laptop at home, I just don’t see why I need one.  So I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to tablets.

Here’s what I’m looking for: photos and blog.  My number one concern is photos.  The blog should be fine from any tablet, I presume.  So I have to decide whether I can get a tablet that I will be able to upload photos from my camera and store them on the tablet, or whether I will need to store the photos elsewhere.  I feel like I know the answer to this, even though I don’t want to admit it.  We’re talking three months worth of photos.  Granted, I do a pretty good job (and will have to on this trip) of weeding out as I go.  So I won’t need to store every photo I take, as I will delete the bad ones as I go.

That said, it’s still THREE MONTHS worth of photos.  In FIFTEEN COUNTRIES.  So yeah, that’s a lot of photos.  Is there a tablet that has that much memory?  Do all tablets (iPad excluded, I think) have USB ports?  I am assuming that my three storage options are going to be: on the tablet, on USB drive(s), or on SD card(s).  Am I missing anything?

So with that information, what should I be looking for in a tablet and what tablet would you suggest?  I am generally not interested in a Kindle or Nook, but being able to read books on the tablet wouldn’t be a bad thing, as I will be spending lots of time on trains and it would make me sad to go three months without reading a book!  OK…go!