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Skol, Vikings! September 30, 2013

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I will post more later, but I’m at Heathrow waiting to board the plane and did not have wifi last night.

The game was incredible!!! Our seats were in the 13th row, but the first 10 were covered, so it was really row 3. Great seats. It helped that the Vikes won, of course, but the atmosphere was pretty incredible, too. Lots and lots of locals. And they are huge NFL fans. We saw just about every NFL jersey being sported. The people were great and we sat next to 4 other women from MN who had traveled for the game.

After the game we met 2 guys and walked and talked with them. And then got split up in the massive crowd heading toward the tube. Whoops. Thankfully the guys were nicest, kindest people and helped us out (separately). Of course, I continued my streak of failing to get contact info of a cute local boy I meet on my international trips. And I specifically meant to bring my business cards for that specific purpose. Oh well. Kyle from Newcastle, thank you!!! Found Jaime back at the hotel and all was well.

Again, I will post more later. When I’m stateside! See you soon!!


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