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Au revoir, Paris September 23, 2013

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Well, it’s been real, Paris, but I am ready to move on to a place where I speak the language! I am writing this on the Eurostar train on the way to London. This morning we had a sit-down breakfast in the neighborhood. I just had crepes again because I had definitely not eaten enough pastries. I decided to make up for lost time today! After breakfast I got another chocolate pastry but it was overcooked and not very good. So I tossed it as we made our way to Montmartre.

We exited the metro in Montmartre at the deepest metro stop in Paris. We had to climb the longest spiral staircase I have ever see to get out. But it was pretty, with art adorning the walls. The art was painted in the early 1900’s and is still there. From there we began our walking tour of Montmartre, but unfortunately with all of the little side roads, we veered off course.

Before we veered off course, though, we stopped in another patisserie so I could get a chocolate croissant! This intersection had other cute shops and we learned later is the object of many artists and paintings. We then quickly realized we were off course, but Sacre Couer was in sight, so we gave up the guide book tour and just made our way to the basilica.

The steps of the basilica are well-known as the best panoramic view of Paris. And they’re not kidding! It was breathtaking. Paris is much more sprawled than either of us had realized. And it is definitely a very unique looking city.

We went into the basilica, which was gorgeous. Unfortunately photography was not allowed (and I may or may not have instructed rule-breakers to stop taking photos…hey, if everyone else isn’t getting photos then neither should they!) Although a newer church, the artwork was incredible. I also saw that this is the “Ano de foi” in France. Or the year of faith. I had seen it at mass at Notre Dame yesterday, too.

After touring the basilica we made our way through more of Montmartre. We came upon an artists’ square where painters had beautiful paintings on display. This is where we found many depictions of that intersection I mentioned, including depictions of the restaurant we ate at last night in view of the Arc de Triomphe.

There were many little shops along these tiny lanes and I stopped for a chocolate eclair. See what I mean about making up for lost time?!?! It was delicious! We went into a biscuitrie and I bought macaroons and chocolate. Only to later leave the bag (with a painting in it) at a metro stop. I am quite upset about that right now.

The next stop on the tour was the Moulin Rouge! We were able to navigate our way there and we passed a beautiful cemeterie on the way. It was interesting to see how they bury their families in Paris. (See photos later.) After checking out the Moulin Rouge, we had a little time to kill so we stopped at Corcoran’s Irish pub for a Magner’s! The first one of the trip! It was tasty!

We then went to our hotel, collected our bags, and headed for the train station. This is when I lost those souvenirs. I am SO bummed about that. We made it to Gare du Nord and went through both French and English customs and immigration and boarded our train for London. I took a short nap and am anxiously awaiting the Channel Tunnel!


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