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Bonjour! September 21, 2013

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Well, we made it! We arrived at CDG early this morning and immigration was a snap. We quickly retrieved our bags and headed for the train. We had a lengthy train ride into Paris and were able to change trains (to the metro) with ease. Well…if you counting lugging our bags up and down stairs in the metro “with ease.”

We located our hotel quickly, dropped our bags, and freshened up before exploring. We set off in the general direction of the Latin Quarter, but veered a little too far east. That was ok because, despite not finding a single patisserie, we happened upon a cute little market. We must look obviously American because the (male) vendors were very friendly and telling us “welcome, how are you?” And they gave us some free fruit.

This market was very cute. It had tons of fresh fruit and veggies, loads of fresh seafood, fresh breads, cheeses, chicken, pigeon (yes, pigeon…gross), and then shoes, clothes, and trinkets. We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to look through. There is a market opening tomorrow morning right outside of our hotel, so we’re looking forward to checking that out.

We eventually came upon the Seine and then started walking west and came to the first stop on our itinerary. The Jardins des Plantes. This was a gorgeous garden with lots of pretty flowers and a beautiful Musee de Natural Historee (or something). We didn’t go inside.

After strolling through the garden we set off for the Latin Quarter and finally found a patisserie. It was everything I had hoped for and more!!! My stomach immediately began growling upon smelling the tasty treats and I kept saying, I want one of everything! I finally decided on a chocolate croissant (because, hello?!?!) and a canele (I think…). They were both tasty. I washed it all down with a coca-cola light!

We then set off for the pantheon and had a great visit. The crypt was beautiful. We paid respects to Voltaire, Rousseau, Marie Antoinette, Marie Curie, Victor Hugo, and more.

Across from the pantheon is the University of Paris, which of course proclaims “liberte egalite fraternite”. This set me off on a rant about the French Revolution and how it was basically just a mob mentality and please do not deign to compare it to the the American Revolution. I may or may not have muttered, repeatedly, “I hate the French”.

We next found the Sorbonne. What a majestic building! As little of a fan I am of the enlightenment and its affect on matters of faith, I was impressed with this institution of higher learning. Finally, we sat at a cafe and sipped Perrier. I mean hey, when in Rome and all.

We checked into the hotel and promptly crashed for a 2-hour nap. Now we are getting ready (not excited about the blow dryer situation and my hair right now) for dinner and experiencing some Paris nightlife!


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