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Hello from Boston! September 20, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — Torrie Schneider @ 4:19 pm

Well, here I am again. Blogging from my layover site. We were pleasantly surprised by not having to move terminals. We are literally two gates away from where we landed. So that’s convenient.

The flight from MSP was good. I had a middle seat and a guy on the aisle apparently is unaware of the etiquette that you let the middle person have the arm rest. But whatever. It was fine.

Looking forward to getting on this next flight. Then it will really feel like we’re on our way!! I slept a little on this last flight, but still hoping to sleep tonight. I am definitely missing the same level of excitement that I had last year, but I have no doubt that it will kick in when we land in Paris.

Keep checking for posts, I shouldn’t have a problem obtaining wifi in Paris and I hope to post each day! Next time you hear from me I will be on the continent!


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