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Testing… September 13, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — Torrie Schneider @ 8:07 pm

I had trouble earlier this summer getting my blogs to post to Facebook.  It just stopped working and it seemed like no matter how many different ways I tried to fix it, it just wouldn’t post.  So I am testing this out to see if it is working yet or if I can get it to work.  Because…

I am only ONE WEEK away from my trip!!  One week from right now I will be somewhere over the Atlantic.  I can’t wait!  In some ways it feels like it’s taken forever to get here, but mostly this year has flown by!  And unfortunately, I am nowhere near ready to go.  I still have LOTS of shopping to do.  I know next Friday will get here before I know it, I just hope I don’t procrastinate too much!

I hope to have wi-fi at most places, so keep checking the blog to see what we’re doing each day!  Until the 20th…


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