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Nothing Left To Do! June 28, 2013

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So I thought I should update you all on our Paris/London plans.  Since I last posted, we finalized the last three things we needed to do before we take off in September.

First, we purchased our tickets to Macbeth at the Globe Theater.  I am so very excited for this show!  I love Shakespeare and always have.  I took “Shakespeare” in high school from the drama teacher and it was great fun.  His classroom was connected to the stage, so each day we went into the auditorium and read the plays aloud.  Each day people would be different characters.  After days of being Lady Macbeth I put up a fight and asked why I couldn’t play Macbeth?  So Mr. Ludwig told the guy who had been monopolizing the lead role that it was mine for that day!  Another Macbeth memory was from earlier in high school when my two best friends (Emilie/Emily) and I took a general Theater class.  Also, from Mr. Ludwig.  We did different plays in that class (another memorable one being The Wild Duck, by Ibsen), including Macbeth.  The three of us were the witches.  “Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.”  So to be seeing this play in the manner in which the Bard intended is so exciting!!

Next, we purchased our Buckingham Palace tour.  Apparently the Queen will be off on her annual holiday in Scotland while we are there and they open up the Palace for tours.  One may only purchase a ticket to the tour if they already have a London Pass.  Because we do, we were golden.  We are very excited for this tour.  We get to see state rooms, which will be outfitted as if they were being used for important occasions.  I know this is one of the things at the top of Jaime’s list, so she is thrilled!

Finally, we purchased our day trip tickets.  I really wanted to go on the Stonehenge, Bath, and Stratford-upon-Avon tour, so that is the one we booked.  Jaime could really take or leave Stonehenge, but I am exited to see it.  I understand you can’t get super close or anything, but hey, it’s one of the Wonders of World.  It’s kind of bucket list thing.  I can’t be that close to it and not be able to say I’ve seen it!  From Stonehenge we travel to Bath, where we have time to explore the town.  I am very pumped to see the Roman Baths and drink the water!  Hopefully all that ails me will be cured!  Ha!  We will also have lunch in Bath.  From there, the tour travels through the scenic Cotswolds to Stratford, the home of Shakespeare.  As you have read, I love him, so I was exciting to see his birthplace.  We will get a tour of his birthplace, see his burial site, and be served champagne and strawberry scones in his garden!  It will certainly be a long day, but it will be great to get outside of London and see a bit of the English countryside!

There is now literally nothing else that needs to be done until we leave.  That is a very exciting idea.  Aside from the sights and transportation in Paris, everything except meals and souvenirs is already paid for.  Now we wait!  But as with Ireland, which I began to plan around the same time as this trip and the trips are around the same time, it will fly by.  I can’t believe it’s already less than three months away (actually, twelve weeks from today)!  More than five months have passed since we began to plan!  We can’t wait!


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