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We’re All Ready! (Well, almost…) May 5, 2013

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After weeks (months) of researching flights and one week of going back-and-forth, we have our airfare!!  Yay!  After flying Aer Lingus last year, and from hearing from numerous friends, my goal was to fly a European airline.  They have good service, good amenities, and good food!  Unfortunately, we learned that all of the European airlines we found were operated by either American Airlines or Delta Airlines.  Boo.

So that led me to assuring that the airline we flew had the in-seat (on-demand) entertainment.  I guess I took for granted that the international flights would all have the individual screens.  It took time, but a representative at Delta walked me through which flights would have those screens and which that would not.  It was literally the first time in my life I can recall a Delta employee being helpful.  She told me that one of the flights we were considering would not have the screens.  Instead of leaving it there, she looked up several other flights in order to provide us with choices.  In addition to that, she told me which hubs to fly through to increase our chances and which aircraft were equipped with them.  After providing that information, she told me that they were in the process of outfitting all of their international flights with them, and by September they should be finished, but she wanted to be sure that we got a flight that currently had them.  Wow.

I got off the phone with her (and American Airlines, who were less helpful) and called Jaime.  Flights I had seen the night before were gone.  Flights seemed to be disappearing as I searched.  Jaime was busy and had to call me back. I was in panic mode.  I had selected a flight that we didn’t want, but it was the last choice (before the prices went up), and started the process of booking it, hoping that it would hold the flights until Jaime called me back.  But then I did more searches and one that had disappeared was back.  Jaime called me back and we booked it!  Phew!

From there, we were off!  I booked our Eurostar train trip from Paris to London.  Later that night, I saw an ad for the London Pass at 10% off and I booked that, too.  For about $230, we will get 6 days of entrance to attractions (almost all of the attractions that we want to see), skipping the lines as some of them, and unlimited travel on the tube, buses, and trains.  What a deal!

The last two things we have left to decide/book is our Buckingham Palace tour (the Queen is holidaying in Scotland and with our London Pass, we get to tour the palace!), what day we will be going on a daytrip (Stonehenge, Bath, and Stratford-upon-Avon), and what night we will see Macbeth at the Globe Theater.  Those things may or may not require advance booking.  So right now, we have everything we absolutely need!  We’re ready!!!