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London Accommodations…Check! March 30, 2013

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So Jaime has been relentlessly looking at accommodations for us in London.  We finally made a decision this afternoon.  We had narrowed it down to two fantastic options Jaime found.  One in South Kensington and one in Mayfair.  After much typical Minnesotan indecisiveness (I’m fine with either, no I’m fine with either, which do you prefer, it doesn’t matter to me)–Jaime came up with the tiebreaker.

We decided on Flemings Hotel Mayfair.  Mayfair is a posh neighborhood in London and the Flemings Hotel is a fancy boutique hotel.  There are different prices quoted by different sites, but it generally runs $350-400 a night.  We got our room for about $200 a night.  It’s a great deal!  We realized that many hotels were running out of rooms, probably because people are doing the same thing we are–going for the Vikings game and making a vacation of it.  We were both so pleased with the hotel that we pulled the trigger and booked it!




That is a small photo, but is an example of the twin room we reserved.  When making the reservation, Jaime was unable to differentiate between one double bed and two twin beds.  So she called them to request that our reservation be for two twin beds.  The woman she spoke with was polite, kind, and very helpful.  Although they did not have our reservation yet, as it had just been put through online, she sent their reservation department an email with our request.  She was so nice and helpful that it bodes well for our trip and we feel like we made the right decision.  (Plus, she had a British accent! Ha!  Sorry…inside joke!)

Now to tackle Paris…we both agree that this decision will probable be more difficult!


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