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More Ireland Photos October 24, 2012

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Here are some more photos of my trip.  I only got Dublin done before…so here are some from the Rock of Cashel, Clonmel, and Blarney Castle.

One wall at the Rock of Cashel.  It was an incredible site!  I like this photo because of the wall, but also the green grass and blue sky contrast.  I think it’s just really pretty.  Loren and I decided that Ireland is green and blue…so it’s indicative of my memories of Ireland.

Me at St. Patrick’s Rock at the Rock of Cashel.  This is a replica, the real one is inside the museum there.

This is Hore Abbey…just outside the walls of the Rock of Cashel.  We didn’t make it down to the Abbey, unfortunately, as we got there too late.   But it was a gorgeous view!

We spent that night in Clonmel, home of Bulmer’s, aka my favorite cider.  Our plan was to have lunch in Clonmel, as I wanted to be able to say I drank a Bulmer’s in Clonmel, but because we got a late start out of Dublin, we actually stayed there.  It was a change in plans that both Loren and I were glad about!

Blarney Castle!

The grounds at Blarney Castle were great.  I think we had as much fun walking all over the grounds as we did in the Castle!

This was in the Castle…I don’t know why, but it’s one of my favorite photos.  Clearly, this was taken before the one above…climbing the Castle stairs and standing up in the sun waiting to kiss the Stone got too hot and I had to pull my hair back!

This is Blarney House as seen from the top of Blarney Castle.

As I said, the grounds at Blarney were amazing.  There were so. many. flowers.  But the hydrangeas were gorgeous!  And purple is my favorite color!  This was our “stop and smell the hydrangeas” shot!

I will post more, eventually!


Reflecting on Ireland October 14, 2012

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So as I sit here and watch my St. Louis Cardinals taking on the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS, I realized that it has been exactly one month since I arrived home from Ireland.  Where does the time go??

In the meantime,  I have drank a good amount of Magner’s (including the tasty Bulmer’s I brought with me), eaten at Irish pubs/restaurants, and baked scones!  A friend told me this week that there is a great Irish store in St. Paul.  I had no idea.  I looked at the website and saw that I can get my Irish (European?) chocolate there!  I can’t wait to go!

I’ve been trying to think about where I want to go next (well, besides Denver in November, that is).  The problem is that now that I have experienced international travel, I love it!  But Ireland has been on my heart for almost five years.  I want to travel to many places, but none of them capture my heart like Ireland. So I need to resist the urge to just keep going back to Ireland each year!  I think I have come up with a plan, though.  London was high on the list and I just learned that the MN Vikings will be playing in Wembley Stadium next September.  I think London it is!

I have always meant to upload some of the photos I took while on vacation, so here are some Dublin photos!

First up, essentially right off the plane, was Grafton Street and St. Stephen’s Green.

Followed by Trinity College.

That night we went to Temple Bar and met some really cool folks.  Like these guys.  Our friends Collin and Uncle Pat from Co. Meath!  (That’s my friend, Loren, on the left and I am on the right.)

The next day we went to Guinness.  I couldn’t drink it.  Sorry, all, but for a non-beer drinker, it was too much!

Then we went to Kilmainham Gaol.  One of my favorite stops.  So much history!

Finally, we went to the General Post Office.  Unfortunately, it was after business hours, so we weren’t allowed to go in.