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Making the best of things September 6, 2012

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Today was not a good day.  No, actually, it did not have a good start.  We left Dublin and picked up the car.  Let’s just say it was not smooth sailing.  I may or may not get into it later, but we had issues that put us way, way, way behind schedule.  And man, the whole wrong side of the car, wrong side of the road is bizarre.  I keep feeling like I am going to crash into someone because I’m on the wrong side.

Anyway, this will be another short post because i am exhausted with a capital E.  We finally left Dublin around 3pm and arrived in Cashel at about 5:15pm.  We toured the Rock of Cashel, which was amahhhzing!  We almost got locked in.  Thankfully Loren was waiting for sunset and I decided to walk into the museum to kill time.  I tried to go out to get her and the employees said it was closed.  I was all, um, but my friend is out there.  They were convinced no one was there.  Until we found her.  The guy was all, that would have been a long, cold night and the wall is high.  I said we would’ve scaled it somehow.

We drove to Clonmel, home of Bulmer’s.  Or as it’s known in America, Magner’s.  AKA, my favorite cider.  (Even if our new friend, James, last night kept saying I was drinking apple juice.)  I have taken so many photos of Bulmer’s related paraphernalia, it isn’t even funny.  But I have now drank Bulmer’s from the source.  And we got associated with another weirdo.  Who was seriously invading my personal space toward the end of the night.  At the same time as the 12-year olds were hitting the bar…the girls in skirts and shorts so short that I’m sure I have underwear longer than them.  Yes, I am old.

We are staying in a great little B&B above a tapas restaurant.  Loren and I each have our own room, so it’s nice to have our own space for a minute. Now it’s time to sleep………..


One Response to “Making the best of things”

  1. Gayle Says:

    Get a good nights sleep LOL

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