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“She’s from Roseville” September 5, 2012

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Last night was a night of quotes. First, I was not feeling well. Woke up from the nap with a stuffed nose and terribly sore throat. I powered through and we ate at Leo Burdock’s famous chipper. It wasn’t a pleasant dinner because I felt so crappy. But I drank water and found some cough drops at a store that was still open.

We were in Temple Bar and went to the pub called Temple Bar. There were two guys playing music and I loved it. I was ready to record the next song they sang and lo and behold, they played Flogging Molly’s If I Ever Leave This World Alive. So awesome!!!

We sat down in the beet garden and some random came up to us to talk. He was three sheets to the wind an quite entertaining. Until it got old. But the guy was good for some quotes. “America has an iron fucking grip on the world!” he tried to do an american accent, which he said he learned from movies. “you’re not from my neck of the woods!”

Eventually we were able to get away from him (not without a picture…I had to memorialize that guy!), and we went to the Auld Dubliner. There, we met a guy and his uncle. They had seen us at Temple Bar with the weirdo. Apparently they are all from Co Meath and knew him. They said they hoped he hadn’t ruined our holiday! These guys were in town because the uncle thought he had throat cancer, but had found out that day it wasn’t cancer. So we toasted his health. The guy, Collin, was as excited to talk to us as we were to talk to him. He is Ireland’s self-proclaimed “biggest Prince fan”!! He thought it was wild that we live by him. And he wanted to know why Minneapolis wasn’t a shrine to Prince! He also wants to come to First Ave! This guy knew his Prince. I said, “First Ave” and he said, “Purple Rain”!

Then we went across the street to Oliver St. John Gogarty’s and that’s where the night got really interesting. The band played Galway Girl, so I recorded that. Then we met two Americans. They were awesome. One of them is from Minnesota. He lives in CA now, but he’s from MN. His friend was Rusty, but his real name is Christopher. Not sure why one would prefer Rusty to Christopher, but he’s from Texas. The MN guy, Scott, or Dome, was telling me that his parents are getting divorced and his dad was hitting on his brother’s ex-wife. Rusty asked if she would go for it and Dome said, “she’s from Roseville.”

An awesome night! Now we’re off to get some Irish breakfast before hitting the sights on the hop on/hop off bus.


One Response to ““She’s from Roseville””

  1. Gayle Says:

    What a small world, you travel all the way to Ireland and you meet someone from MN !!

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