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Day Two in Dublin September 5, 2012

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This is a short post because I need to get ready to go out.  But we had an incredibly full day today.  We started with breakfast (closer to lunch) at Bewley’s.  Probably the best scone I’ve ever had.  Also some nutella and banana pancakes.  Yes, please!  Then we did the hop on/hop off tour.  Went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Guinness (gross…sorry, but gross), Kilmainham Gaol (probably the highlight of my trip so far), Four Courts (couldn’t get in…sad), and the General Post Office.

We went to a shopping center (Jervis) because I had to buy a flat iron.  Mine blew up, basically.  So now I have an Irish flat iron.  At least the worker at the hostel said that hers did that in the states the first time she tried to use it, but when she got it back to Ireland it worked fine.  So, fingers crossed.

No time for a nap for me today and we’re hoping to go to a club tonight.  But we have to find one, first!  More info on the details of today later!


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