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Recommendations May 23, 2012

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So in my preparation for Ireland, I have realized that I need a new camera.  I have a simple Kodak, point-and-shoot digital camera that has served me well for basic photography.  But going on a trip to Ireland requires something more.  I need a camera that will be able to capture the landscapes, castles, nature, etc.  So I need your help!!  I need recommendations!!!

Requirements: ability to take photos as described above, not require a degree in rocket science (seriously, the more user-friendly, the better!), and not outrageously expensive!

The second recommendation I am looking for is for hiking shoes/raincoats.  I need a good raincoat that is versatile.  I anticipate the weather will be rainy at times and beautifully sunny at times.  Also, pretty foggy and chilly (40’s) and sunny and warm0ish (60’s).  So I need something that will be good for that.  And athletic enough for when we are hiking, horseback riding, or whatever we choose to do!

The shoes are probably of the utmost importance, as I have ridiculous feet.  I get blisters like you won’t believe from walking.  For instance, I walked for an hour last night, roughly four miles, and had blisters.  I have taken vacations that consisted of a lot of walking and ended up with blisters on all 10 toes, plus the balls of my feet.  No bueno.  I need a hiking pair of shoes…so good for all terrain, but not fugly hiking boots.  I definitely am more interested shoes than boots, so that they are sartorially versatile.  HELP!!


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