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County Kerry May 4, 2012

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Sorry for my extended absence from the blog.  April was a crazy busy month and I feel like I have no idea where it went!!  It was gone just like that.  That means that our trip is 4 months from yesterday!  YAY!  Moving on to previewing more of the trip and places we will visit.

I think we plan to spend a couple days in County Kerry, for, as you will see, there are TONS of things to do and see.  But first and foremost is the famous Ring of Kerry.  The Ring of Kerry is the longest of Ireland’s “circle drives.”  It includes both coastal views and inner country pastures, etc.  It is 111 miles long and is a narrow, wind-y (maybe windy, too…), and beautiful road.  There are a number of ways to see the Ring, walking, biking, driving, tour bus.  We will probably take a bus tour, as driving it may be a bit too hair-raising for our liking.  A bus tour makes several stops, some for about an hour, over the seven-hour tour.  Here are some photos!


Yes, this is the road on the Ring of Kerry!  You can see why we will likely take a bus!




While we are in County Kerry, we have been told that Dingle would be a great place to stay.  Though we have yet to discuss where we will be staying (and many places probably won’t be decided until we are there), Dingle is a must-see.  It is a small, quaint, harbor town just west of the Ring of Kerry.  The Ring of Kerry is on the Iveragh Peninsula and Dingle town is on the Dingle Peninsula.






This is the Gallarus Oratory and is 1200 years old and has withstood the elements, with the exception of a sagging roof, apparently.  There is also evidence that the walls were plastered…seems quite modern for something 1200 years old!


Off the coast of Dingle lives its most famous resident…Fungie the Dolphin!  Fungie arrived in Dingle Bay in 1984…but bottlenosed dolphins only live about 25 years.  So chances are, it’s not the original, or OG Fungie.

Finally, north of the Ring of Kerry is Killarney, home to Killarney National Park.  Killarney is known for the three loughs (lakes), Ross Castle, and Muckross Abbey.  Killarney is the biggest city/town in County Kerry and is largely supported by tourism.



The Three Loughs (Lough Leane [Lower Lake], Muckross Lake [Middle Lake], and Upper Lake.


3 Responses to “County Kerry”

  1. Joan Says:

    Lovely pictures, but that’s not Ross Castle, its the Rock of Cashel in Tipperary

    • you’re absolutely right! these were photos i took from other websites as i was preparing to travel. now that i’ve been there, i looked at that photo and immediately recognize it as the rock of cashel! thanks!

  2. Betsy Bracken Says:

    Yes, I was going to say that about Ross. You will love Killarney I spent much time there. But, you must go to Dingle.

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