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County Cork April 2, 2012

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So in addition to Blarney Castle, there are many things to see and explore in County Cork.  First, Cork City.  Dubbed “Ireland’s Second City,” as it is the Republic’s second-largest city.  (Though the island’s third-largest, counting Belfast.)  It is also the home of my BF, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Hoping for a spotting! Finally, it is also known as “rebel city,” for it’s role in gaining Ireland’s independence. I look forward to walking around, perhaps taking a tour, and experiencing this bustling city!



Near Cork is the town of Cobh (pronounced “Cove”).  This town is very historically significant.  It is a harbor town, which launched the Famine boats (from where 2.5 millions emigrants fled Ireland during the Great Famine), it was the last stop for the Titanic (which was built in the shipyards in Belfast), and it is where both the survivors and the dead were brought after the Lusitania was torpedoed.  I look forward to visiting the Cobh Heritage Center, which includes information on the stuff I just listed, as well as information on the ships that took convicts bound for Australia in cabins so “airless that candles could not burn.”  Wow.




Last, but certainly not least, is Mizen Head.  County Cork boasts the most southwesterly point–Mizen Head Signal Station.  Mizen Head is one of the peninsula’s in Cork (Sheep’s Head, off of Sheep’s Head Bay, is another).  The signal station was built to warn ships off the rocks.  Mizen Head is comprised of volcanic cliffs, which now include a footbridge that spans a vast gulf in the cliffs.  I CANNOT wait to go there!




What do you think?  Glad I’m not afraid of heights!