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Rock of Cashel March 15, 2012

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In County Tipperary, which is considered the Midlands, sits the Rock of Cashel.  This is also known as St. Patrick’s Rock.  This area was the seat of Munster rule in Ireland until the Norman invasion and rivaled Tara (see below) as the center of power in Ireland.  The clan that ruled at Cashel was associated with St. Patrick, hence the other name.  Also, it is said that St. Patrick converted the King of Munster here.  The Rock remained largely intact throughout many invasions, including Cromwell’s invasion in 1647.  The Rock of Cashel is actually comprised of a number of buildings: Cathedral, Round Tower, and Cormac’s Chapel, to name a few.




When Loren and I watched travel videos, this was a site that we were definitely interested in touring!  As a plus for me, it is located only about 30 minutes from Clonmel.  What is in Clonmel, you ask?  That is where they brew Magners, er, em, Bulme’s!!  My favorite cider!!  It is sold as Magners in the US, but is Bulmers in Ireland.  I hope to stop in Clonmel and drink a Bulmers in its hometown!



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